Sekou Mims

began working with youth human services in 1977 through a variety of community service programs. By 1990, Sekou had seen enough young people's lives turned around through direct service work to feel comfortable about establishing a career in the human services field.

However Sekou felt that he could more effectively impact the lives of specific individuals by spending more time in groups designed to provide emotional and psychological assistance. In 1994, Sekou completed his Master of Education in Psychology and Counseling from Cambridge College. Still feeling a need for more specific kinds of clinical knowledge, Sekou enrolled in Simmons School of Social Work, completing his MSW in 1997. From there Sekou began to provide social assessments and counseling consultation services for some of Boston's (Massachusetts, USA) most respected human service organizations e.g. Whittier Street Health Clinic, Roxbury Multi-Service Center and Urban Edge and by 1999, the City of Boston Public Schools. Also in 1999,

Sekou began volunteer counseling, workshops and consultation with the Mission Safe program. In 2000, Sekou founded Pyramid Builders Associates Inc. Pyramid Builders Associates is social service consultant agency that consists of several social workers and other mental health professionals. Pyramid Builders Associates Inc. is co-directed by clinical psychologist Dr. Omar Reid.

Currently, Pyramid Builders provides non-traditional therapeutic/psycho-educational groups and stabilization for the Department of Social Services’ involved adolescent males; and as of April 1, 2003, Pyramid Builders Associates Inc. has provided the same services for adolescent females. Pyramid Builders Associates Inc. provides workshops in: violence prevention, anger management, differences between popular male rituals and developing manhood, cultural sensitivity, and understanding individual, group & mass trauma.

At Pyramid Builders Associates Inc. Sekou clinical specialty is in providing individual and group therapy to trauma victims that are experiencing the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); while my partner Omar Reid specializes in psychosocial assessment.

Quote from Sekou:

"I've seen enough young people's lives turned around through direct service work to feel comfortable about establishing a career in the human services field. I could more effectively impact lives of specific individuals"


Dr. Omar Reid

is a licensed educational psychologist and licensed mental health counselor. Dr. Reid received his undergraduate degree from Hamilton College, Clinton, NY. He received his masters degree in counseling psychology from Cambridge College and a CAGS in school psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. He received his doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Antioch University, in Keene, NH.

Dr Reid received his clinical training at The Children’s Hospital in Boston, Boston Medical Center, and the VA Hospital in Montrose New York.

He has specialization in children, adolescent, and adult psychological, neuropsychological, and learning disabilities assessment. He worked as a school psychologist in the Boston Public School system for twelve years. Dr. Reid has over 30 years of experience is a public health expert. He worked for seven years as community liaison/trainer for the Community Crisis Response team, which is part of Cambridge Hospitals Victims of Violence program.

Dr. Reid is the co-founder and co-Director of Pyramid Builders Associates which is the first and largest Black-Owned and operated, JCAHO accredited license Mental Health Clinic in Massachusetts. He currently provides learning disabilities assessment for schools. He also provides individual, family, couples, and group counseling. He is the Director of Clinical Services for Academic & Behavioral Clinic, which is a Black owned psychological testing and counseling firm.

QUOTE From Dr Reid:
"Our mission is to provide competent and culturally relevant psychotherapeutic services to children, adolescent, and adults. In addition, our clinicians receive supervision and weekly training on knowing "who they are" as clinicians, and are encouraged to have their life in order before working with others. PBA strives to eradicate skin color, hair texture, body image, and language accent issues that can still be barriers for Black clients and Black providers working as a team to achieve psychosocio-emotional growth."